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Cigarettes Leading Cause of NYC Fatal Fires
Smoking was the leading cause of fatal fires in New York City, according to FDNY statistics. Seventeen people died from fires started by cigarettes in fiscal year 2006 - tied for first place with electrical fires caused by extension cords.
Philip Morris begins to advertise Uno Virginia Slims in April

This time Philip Morris offers adult consumers two fine compact packs of unusual shape which have never been on the market before.

Philip Morris USA to Introduce Marlboro Snus
Philip Morris USA announced today that the company is introducing into test market Marlboro Snus, a tobacco pouch product that is neither cigarettes nor spit tobacco like dip or chew. Unlike traditional spit tobacco, Marlboro Snus pouches were designed especially for adult smokers who are interested in smokeless tobacco alternatives to cigarettes.
Censored Again! Cigarettes to Effect Movie Ratings
In a world where most lack any accountability and our youth remain as impressionable as a soaked sponge, the MPAA took it upon themselves to help shield moviegoers eyes to smoking.
Cigarette law will focus on fire safety

Starting next year, cigarettes sold in Illinois must be manufactured in a way that makes them more likely to go out if a smoker stops puffing on them. Supporters of the new state law that will require retailers to sell self-extinguishing cigarettes say the thinking behind it is simple: Unattended cigarettes that can put themselves out are less likely to cause fires, so lives will be saved.

R.J. Reynolds Launches New Flavored Cigarettes, Circumventing Settlement With State Attorneys Genera
In October 2006, the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company entered into a settlement with state attorneys general to stop marketing candy, fruit and alcohol-flavored cigarettes. The states had asserted that RJRs marketing of flavored cigarettes violated the 1998 state tobacco settlements prohibition on targeting youth.
Tobacco lobby: Cigarette tax would hurt business
Doyle spokesman defends proposed $1.25 per pack hike. MADISON — Big Tobacco has its eyes on Wisconsins anti-smoking legislation, with some companies actively lobbying against the bills $1.25 a pack increase on the cigarette excise tax.
Coffee and Cigarettes May Reduce Risk of Parkinsons Disease
A new medical report is causing shockwaves throughout the world: smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee may protect people from Parkinsons disease, according to a medical study in a recent issue of Archives of Neurology.
Philip Morris Profit Rises 29% on Emerging Markets
Philip Morris International Inc., spun off last month by Altria Group Inc., posted first-quarter profit that rose faster than analysts estimated after new varieties of Marlboro cigarettes and acquisitions spurred sales in Indonesia, Pakistan and Mexico.


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Cigarettes Leading Cause of NYC Fatal Fires

The surgeon general may want to place a new warning on cigarette packages.

Smoking was the leading cause of fatal fires in New York City, according to FDNY statistics. Seventeen people died from fires started by cigarettes in fiscal year 2006 - tied for first place with electrical fires caused by extension cords.

"If it [smoking] doesn't get you one way, it'll get you another," said Patrick Reynolds, executive director of the Foundation for a Smokefree America. "It's a real danger to the health of the smoker and the health of others."

Smoking-related infernos topped several other categories of fatal fires, including those labeled "intentional," which killed 13 people, as well as those started by matches (12), candles (10) or gas or vapors (7), according to the FDNY's annual report covering July 1, 2005, to June 30, 2006.

Even though cigarettes were the leading cause of fatal fires in fiscal year 2006, the number of such blazes has decreased dramatically over the past decade. In calendar year 1996, 43 people died in fires started by cigarettes.

"We've had downward trend for approximately 10 years now, maybe the lowest ever," Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Robert Byrnes said. "The Fire Department has an aggressive fire-safety education program. Basically, education saves lives here."

In all, 92 civilians died in fires in fiscal year 2006 - one more than the year before but still part of a remarkable decline over the past decade.

For example, in fiscal year 1996, 155 civilians died in fires.

New York City also saw a slight rise in structural fires in fiscal year 2006 to 28,372, increasing from 27,610 the year before.

The department's number of "runs" - which includes medical emergencies, inspections and false alarms - continued to rise in 2006 to 485,328, representing a continual increase over the past five years.

"We've been saying for a long time that the workload for the New York City Fire Department continues to increase, and the department should pay close attention to those numbers," said Uniformed Fire Officers Association President Peter Gorman.

But despite the increased activity, average response times remained relatively steady in 2006, at four minutes and 32 seconds, only increasing by one second from the year before.

In another piece of good news, "malicious" false alarms also continued to make a historic decline and dropped to an all-time low of 30,002. That shatters the previous year's record of 34,730.


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